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Tips for a Romantic Honeymoon

There are many different ideas and destinations for a romantic honeymoon. Many people think of a trip to a tropical location, or to a remote cabin in a scenic area as an ideal place for a romantic honeymoon. However, there are many ways to make even a simple trip seem like a romantic honeymoon for a couple, spending very little money, yet creating memories to last a lifetime. A romantic honeymoon is all about spending time together as a married couple for the first time, enjoying the giddiness of those first few days of married life together. This is a time in the couple’s life that they are forever committed to each other and they are delighted with that fact. They want everyone to know that they are married and to share in that happiness. Their eyes are only for their partner, and they feast on the time they share together.


There are many different ways to shake up the romantic honeymoon trip. Perhaps the first few days are enjoying the romantic location that they decided on for the honeymoon. After that, there are ways that each couple can bring an extra surprise into the getaway. These ideas do take a little planning before the honeymoon takes place, but they are well worth it when the new spouse is surprised by these little gifts of love.

Small presents that can be placed in strategic locations during each day of the romantic honeymoon are fun ways to spice it up and show love for the other person. These presents do not have to be extraordinary, just simple gifts that relate to things that the partner enjoys, such as a CD of a favorite band, a game that the two can play together, or even a bottle of wine or champagne. Another gift idea is to write notes to the partner, hidden in cards or gift boxes, letting them know all of the different reasons that they are loved. It is also nice to plan ahead when there will be a Jacuzzi in the room with scented candles that can be placed around the tub to make it even more romantic.

Another great idea to plan on a romantic honeymoon is to see where the best locations are in the area to see the sunrise or see the sunset. Bringing breakfast baskets to the sunrise or bringing a bottle of wine and dessert to a sunset with a blanket to sit on are romantic ways to wake up or wind down together while enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. It is also romantic to pack a picnic lunch and go to the most scenic area to enjoy a remote lunch together in the midst of beauty.

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