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History and Technology Come Together in a Vermont Romantic Getaway

Whether you are were born and raised in the East Coast, or maybe are from another part of the country or world and want to experience the old world style of the U.S. that was colonized, Vermont is the place to go. History buffs, or those just looking for a quiet trip, a Vermont romantic getaway is the perfect solution to spending some time with your honey.

Listed below are some things you can do on a Vermont romantic getaway that will make your trip worthwhile.

History Becomes Reality

Vermont was the first colony in the 13 that eventually became the first states within the United States. As a result, Vermont holds a lot of history, and this can be seen in the Bennington Museum, a museum that holds the cultural, social and historical background of the Northeast section of the United States. If you are partner are into history, or just are curious about the first colony, then visiting historical sites within Vermont is a good way to spend your Vermont romantic getaway.

Another attraction you may want to visit are Vermont’s many large farms. It is said that the ratio of dairy cows to people in this state is great, and that this state has the biggest number of dairy cows. Seeing this for yourself, with your partner, will certainly make for an interesting vacation. After a long day of sightseeing, consider checking in at one of Montpelier, the state’s capitals, hotels. Whether you want a luxury suite, or a mom and pop bed and breakfast, your Vermont romantic getaway is sure to be sprinkled with old country hospitality.

Outdoor Recreation

Vermont is also known for its proportionate seasons of fall, summer, spring and winter. Depending upon what time of the year you and your partner choose your Vermont romantic getaway, there is a vast array of activities that will keep you and your significant other entertained. If both of you are looking for an adventure, consider a backpacking trip through the Appalachian Nation Scenic Trail. This is a 2,000 mile trail that stretches from Maine to North Georgia. Other such activities include horseback riding, camping, kayaking and sailing.

A Vermont romantic getaway is perfect if you and your partner want fun and excitement without being overwhelmed with crowds that you would find in California, or New York. With old world charm and new world attractions, Vermont is a state you should definitely visit sometime.

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