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Deciding Upon a Romantic Honeymoon Vacation

There are romantic honeymoon spots to be found all over the world, thus suiting the needs and desires of couples everywhere. There are romantic honeymoon vacations to the Caribbean, to the Hawaiian Islands and to many other tropical resorts. There are also romantic honeymoon vacations to be found in historic nations such as France or Italy, known for their romance through the ages. There are also vacation spots in Asia, such as in China or Thailand, offering exotic vacations to the newly-weds as they begin their life together. Some of the romantic honeymoon vacations are all about relaxing and spending time together as a couple. Others provide the relaxation but also give a variety of different activities that the couple can do, such as swimming, snorkeling, horseback riding, boat tours and many other attractions.


When deciding on a romantic honeymoon vacation, the couple needs to decide how many days and nights they want the trip to last. Many couples go for five days and four nights, but the vacation can go as long as they wish. Some of the longer vacation packages will be for twelve days and eleven nights, often allowing for travel from one exotic location to another during the course of the vacation.

The couple also needs to find out exactly what is included in the romantic honeymoon vacation package so that they are not surprised by additional expenses on the trip, but can budget beforehand so that they can enjoy the time that they are away. Some of the vacation packages are all inclusive, meaning that the accommodations, food and beverages are all included in the package price. These packages are nice because the couple does not have to deal with money at all during the time that they are there. There are some packages that will include certain activities in them, but will not include the food and beverages. However, they will often give discounted prices on the food and beverages at select locations for the couple and will often offer a breakfast in bed or a romantic dinner for two as part of the price of the package.

When planning the romantic honeymoon vacation, the couple will also want to think about some of the things that they can do for their spouse while there to make it even more memorable. Little notes, gifts and surprise walks in the moonlight are all nice choices to spice up the vacation and let the spouse know that he or she is loved.

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